for expansion of mixing equipment production

ZAO NPF "MIXING" is looking for a partner for the production expansion of the mixing devices and small equipment with mixers (reactor, dissolving vats etc) that are used extensively in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetic, metallurgic and other industries.

The production expansion is assuming a purchase into the property of production raums with the total area of 1,300 – 1,500 m² and lathe equipment that is necessary for the works execution.

The capital investments required therewith amount USD 350,000. The pack of 51% from the firm shares for this sum is offered to the partner, the firm being practically a unique professional enterpreise in Russia and CIS countries that is capable to manufacture the various mixing equipment satisfuing the client both in the production quality and technological requirements.

The works experience during the last years (in particular, after the August 1998) testifies to the considerable increase of orders for the mixing equipment produced by the firm "MIXING". Not only large marketing studies, participation in major exhibitions but also the continuous work in the comstructions improvement and new equipment models creation, modern import completing units use and equipment reliability rise favour it.

In the money expression the turnover of ZAO NPF "MIXING" increased, in comparison with year 1995, in 15 times and in 2,000 amounts USD 650,000.

The number of produced equipment items, in comparison with 1995, increased in six times and amounts about 50 items.

The potential market volume, determined on the basis of the equipment need study as well as on the basis of data study for the equipment need study as well as on the basis of data study for the equipment output in the eightieth years, amounts, according to the most approximate evaluations, 150-200 units/year minimum.

At the average product cost of USD 5,000, the turnover of the firm can amount USD 750,000-1,000,000 and at the profitableness level of 15%, the annual profit of the enterpreise will amount about USD 150,000.

We ask you to consider our offers and say your opinion of principle concerning this matter. At the interest presence from your part we are ready to submit to you the detailed business plan of this project and solve all the organization matters connected with its realization.

Thank you for the interest to our firm,
Barabash Vadim,
General Director
Professor, Doctor of technical sciences