About us

the "MIXING" Scientific and production firm was formed in 1994 on the basis of one of the leading divisions of the "ЛенНИИхиммаш" institute specializing in development of devices with the mechanical mixing devices.

Long-term scientific research of various processes of hashing, development of numerous catalogs and guidance documents by calculation and the choice of devices with mixers , a continuous communication with large engineering plants, architectural supervision of production of the equipment, participation in certifications on "Знак качества" - all this versatile activity for more than 30-year period promoted formation of the highly professional collective consisting of the vigorous, sociable and deeply knowing the business experts.

Now staff of "MIXING" totals 20 people - it is experienced designers, scientists, designers, managers, mechanics-equipment setup specialists.

In 1995 "MIXING" scientific and production firm; I obtained the license for design of the kotlonadzorny and chemical supervising equipment. The staff of firm developed the new catalog on small-sized devices with the mixing devices registered in the List of the existing catalogs of Russia.

Main production base of "MIXING" is предприятиå "Техмашзавод" in which authorized capital it possesses 60% of stocks. It allows not only to control production process, but also to define personnel policy and the organization of production.

"MIXING" closely cooperates with the plants of chemical mechanical engineering. So, for example, for large-size devices which volume exceeds 5 m 3 , the "ХимМаш РАН" plant; manufactures cases of devices which then are completed with the highly effective mixing devices manufactured by "MIXING".

the Transformation of the market of the capacitive equipment caused by demand of products and solvency of the enterprises transferred accent from chemical on, so-called, "чистые производства" (food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc.). It demanded from the staff of firm of deeper analysis of the saved-up earlier theoretical and experimental material for the purpose of creation of new designs of the devices with mixers meeting the requirements of technological processes of "чистых производств" at minimum power - and material inputs.

So, for receiving high-uniform emulsions and dispersions (household chemicals, foodstuff, shampoos, creams, toothpastes, etc.) in firm the highly effective design of the dispersing knot (fig. 1, poses.1) considerably intensifying process of formation of a disperse system with the set properties practically was offered without increasing the consumed energy. (the patent for invention No. 2176544 is the Dispergator).

Use of the dispersing knot allowed to offer the model of the two-driving device new to the Russian equipment with the mixing devices in which not only uniform distribution of the mixed phases on volume, but also actually preparation of emulsions and dispersions (fig. 1) is carried out. Devices of such design are issued "MIXING" for 10 years, and the operating experience in productions of paints, creams and toothpastes showed their high reliability and efficiency.

Fig. 1. Two-driving device:
1 - the dispersing knot; 2 - the frame mixer with scrapers.

At increased requirements to degree of dispersion of products "MIXING" delivers installations (fig. 2), consisting from one - or the two-driving capacitive device and the flowing PRG mixer dispergator which principle of work is based on repeated passing of a working environment through the zone which is between a rotor and the stator and characterized by high local values of energy. The similar installations calculated on various productivity were put on "Rhone Poulenc" (France) for production of high-uniform compositions and also on some domestic enterprises the making paints, cosmetics and a number of medical compositions.
In recent years wide circulation bought the new models of devices with the electroheating which is carried out by flexible tape heaters of domestic production. The similar equipment is, as a rule, more reliable and less expensive in comparison with the traditional configuration providing use as heat-exchanging devices of coils and welded shirts.

Fig. 2. Installation for preparation of dispersions:
1 - the device with the mixing device; 2 - gear pump; 3 - device flowing rotor horizontal PRG-100; 4 - three-running crane.

Since 1999 "MIXING" constantly takes part in design and production of large-size devices with mixers up to 1000 m 3 which are operated at concentrating factories of the largest fields of precious metals.

Considering specifics of the processes which are carried out to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries, all equipment released by "MIXING" the motor reducers of "NORD" is completed; (Germany) and shutoff valves of "Larssen" (Sweden). The equipment offered as accessories differs in high reliability and good ecological and technical and economic indicators.

One of the main areas of work of "MIXING" traditionally performance of consulting services, carrying out scientific research and development of engineering methods of calculation of the mixing equipment is. The staff of firm annually publishes articles in the leading scientific and technical magazines, participates in the international conferences and the congresses and also together with RAS and the leading higher education institutions of the country is organizers of conferences on the theory and practice of hashing in liquid environments.

The situation of stability in the market and also long-term experience of studying, designing and production of the capacitive and mixing equipment grants the right to formulate the main motto of firm: "Партнерство with us - your way to win".