Equipment for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries

"MIXING" Scientific and production firm; it was formed in 1994 on the basis of one of the leading divisions of "LenNIIHimmash" institute; specializing in development devices with the mechanical mixing devices.

Long-term scientific research of various processes of hashing, development of numerous catalogs and guidance documents by calculation and the choice of devices with mixers, a continuous communication with large engineering plants, architectural supervision of production of the equipment.

  • production of capacities, mernik, collections, devices with the mixing devices with a volume from several liters up to tens cubic meters; the mixing devices of various designs; flowing rotor devices;

  • tests of the ready equipment at the test bench;

  • carrying out laboratory researches;

  • design and production of the equipment for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries;

  • providing consulting services, carrying out scientific research and development of engineering methods of calculation of the mixing equipment.